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Will's Workshop

Unique Handmade Woodwork

Hi I'm Will

This is my shop and portfolio where I'm selling my woodwork, from spoons to bowls and jewellery. All my work is handmade by me, whittled from hand selected wood I have foraged locally, and sanded to the softest finish. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact page if you have any questions. 

Commissions available. 

Read more about my story and how I found my craft here; 


William’s spoons are beautiful but also practical and useful. I love the one I have and can’t wait for more!

Rebecca Fraser


Very talented craftsman.

Beautiful and personal products that make unique gifts.

- Daze Livingstone


I got my knives sharpened by William. Picked up, sharpened, delivered back. All safe and

covid-19 friendly. Great experience.

- Alice Watkyn

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