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The Story Of Will's Workshop

Will is a gifted and imaginative craftsman, living in Groombridge, on the Kent and Sussex borders. He started making things at a young age – always inventing and coming up with new ideas.   

He started studying blacksmithing after school and soon found woodwork, which he claims changed his life.  

Will prefers living in the country, surrounded by the forests that inspire him, so last year Will moved back home after living in Brighton as city life didn't suit him. Will uses his high-functioning autism (or as he calls it high-functioning awesomeness) to think outside the box and fuel his creativity.


A few months later, Will started working at a local support organisation for mentally challenged adults. For the first few weeks, he was only able to sit and watch until gradually he began to help others make things with metal and wood learning new skills as he did and helping one another to grow.  This was the beginning of his healing journey.

One day, one of his mentors showed him how to whittle a small spoon out of a little apple tree branch, and suddenly he began to find purpose in creating and was soon whittling and carving spoons, tools and jewellery. He finally began to feel like he had found his path, and for the first time felt truly happy. 


Now he spends his days foraging for new woods to work with, creating new designs, and refining his craft.  

All Will’s pieces are unique, and each tells a story. Watching William gain confidence and strength through his journey making wooden spoons has been magical. He is passionate about trees and the different woods he can use. He uses his wide knowledge to fashion new handles, layered and pinned with handcrafted metal details. 

He combines metal and woodworking techniques to make beautiful and individual pieces that make wonderful presents, kitchen tools and bespoke jewellery.  

This is Will’s shop where he is hoping to share his work and turn his craft, and his therapy into a career he never thought he would find. 

The first spoon...
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